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10 Ways to Use Upselling to Retain Clients and Make Them Happier

Now that your amazing clients have referred other business to you, and you have made your way through the cycle to acquire new clients, how do you retain clients and make them happier? Better yet, how do you keep things fresh with them? You need to connect all the dots and offer them another service.

If you have been in business for awhile, you know that your client relationships can get stale. I don’t mean that they don’t like your food or need your service any longer, but you have to make sure and maintain a vivacious relationship with your clients and keep adding value to their relationship with you. After all, marketing guru Seth Godin once said that “People don’t buy products or services, they buy relations, stories and magic.” Part of that relationship is being “in tune” with your clients’ pain points and knowing how you can make their lives easier.

Here are 10 ways to use upselling to retain clients and make them happier:

10 Ways to Use Upselling to Retain Clients and Make Them Happier Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

1) Try to review their food questionnaire or service with them at least every three months or so.This will not only help you serve them better, but help you figure out if they are needing to make adjustments to their current service.

2) Remind them that a special occasion such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day is coming up, and ask them if they want a special dinner prepared or need a catering for an event. Or even a gift certificate to give to a friend or family member.

3) In the summer, we like to offer grill packs. It is simply an addition to their regular service as 2-3 marinated meats or kabobs. There is no cooking involved for you, just provide them with directions of course. Also, the longer it marinates, the better it will taste.

4) Adding a large salad to each service especially for the busy mom with little kids makes a difference.

5) Snacks are a great add on as well. Five snacks for two people in single serving containers to add a service such as nuts/fresh fruit, yogurt parfait, hummus and fresh vegetables, etc.

6) Breakfast casseroles for busy mornings such as 6-8 servings even if their service is for two Breakfast burritos work great too.

7) Prepped fresh fruit service – simply diced fresh fruit left in their fridge. Your clients will find they will eat more fruit if it is prepped for them.

8) A large container of soup left for a client in winter is very popular as well. This is also perfect for busy moms or after- school snacks.

9) Smoothie service – do you make smoothies? If so, this would be a great summer addition to their service. I had a client who only ordered green smoothies every day for breakfast. People love not having to cut up the fruit and vegetables and actually make it.

10) Send out a survey. This is not an upsell per say, but in order to really get a feel for how your clients are enjoying your service, you need to either send out an automated survey after a month or so of their service, or pick up the phone and ask them how they are liking it. Feedback is essential to keeping your clients happy and gauging interest in other services/add-ons you can offer.

When you are trying to upsell them, remember the answer is always “no” unless you ask. So what do you have to lose?