Chef Deb

3 Essential Tasks You Should Hire Someone Else For

Hiring has been on my mind lately as I am currently reorganizing and structuring my team. I am even looking to hire an intern for the summer to help take some things off the plate of my marketing manager. Hence, why I thought it would be relevant to share some tasks that I think you should hire someone else for because I know many of you are probably needing to add someone to your team.

With that being said, I know as entrepreneurs of small culinary businesses, we often try and do everything on our own. This is a mistake. You are never going to really grow if you aren’t willing to hire someone else. It can be scary at first because you aren’t sure if you can trust this newly hired person at first, but it’s a leap you have to be willing to take.

So what kind of things should you hire someone else for? You might already have an obvious list in your head like “sous chef” or “dishwasher” but I want to share the tasks that I think are absolutely necessary and essential for you to hire someone else.

3 Essential Tasks You Should Hire Someone Else For Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

Website Designer/SEO Expert – This one might seem obvious but I know way too many chefs who try to tackle this monstrous project on their own. They create an account on Wix because they advertise that it’s easy to do (which it is) but then are left with websites that under perform and that don’t show up in Google because they do not have good SEO. Make it easy on yourself and hire a professional who knows all of the bells and whistles that need to be on your site and will build it on a reliable platform like WordPress. I have a list of website designers that I recommend for my coaching clients.

Brand Identity – More times than not, a chef has had the same logo for 4 years that looks like it was created in Paint. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to bash the hard work you have put into your business, but frankly as chefs we just don’t get design like graphic designers do. It often does not come naturally to us and that’s why so many culinary business logos look sub par. Often times, if you get your website designed by an agency they will also offer brand identity packages where they will work with you to create a logo, decide on fonts that speak to your brand, colors and more that will help you have a clear understanding of who you are and how to consistently stay on brand in all of your marketing materials. I worked with Kelly Lucente, who is a brand guru and has worked with some big names like Pepsi, Mattel and much more. She helped me create my two brands that I absolutely love and have resonated well with my audience.

Marketing & PR – The world of digital marketing is constantly changing and with you being a busy entrepreneur, you don’t really have time to keep up with all of the latest email marketing trends or Instagram algorithms. It is way too time consuming believe me. That’s why I really think it’s critical that you hire a freelancer who can help you with all of this stuff and take the burden off your shoulders. If you are a little nervous hiring someone for this role start out with an intern who just graduated college with a degree in marketing, communication or PR.  They will obviously have to learn as they go, but if they are hard working and dedicated to bringing you customers they will learn quickly. Of course you can always hire someone more experienced as well but expect to pay a lot more for them.

A marketing person should be able to take care of your marketing plans, social media posts, blog writing, email marketing, press releases and more.

Of course there are other tasks you would want to hire someone else to do like admin assistant/bookkeeper to help you stay organized. I don’t know what I would do without my admin!

So stop putting it off and start hiring someone to help you with these three things! You will be so much happier, I can pretty much guarantee that.