Presenting your prices can be a little intimidating when you offer a high-end chef service. Will people really play THAT much for a custom meal and boutique catering?  You know you’re services are worth it, but will they see the value in it? Some other questions you might ask yourself is “Should I put the prices on my website or just have a contact button?” “Will seeing the prices drive people away?”

These are all questions I asked myself when I was first starting out and trying to decide how I would present my pricing. Figuring out what to charge and how to present that to potential customers can be perhaps the hardest part of owning a culinary business! That’s why I sat down with my marketing director to ask her some hard-and-fast rules on how to make your pricing appeal to potential customers so you don’t miss out on leads!

6 Tricks for Presenting Your Pricing in an Appealing Way Chef Deb

Pricing Tips: 

Tip #1 – For luxury goods, it is best to price with a rounded number ($150 vs. $149), because people perceive it has having more value.

Tip #2 –  For higher priced and more luxury items, don’t include a cents in the price and don’t include commas (it makes it look even more expensive)

Tip #3 – This one is less price related, but does still apply to the overall value people see in your services – In your ads, it is best to use vertically-focused images for luxury goods, it communicates elevation

Tip #4 – Don’t focus your advertising on money factors (such as you’re saving this x amount of money) but rather focus on experiential factors like (enjoy more time…)

Tip #5 – Present purchasing options in descending order, from most to least expensive. They say experienced buyers don’t pay much attention to order though.

Even presenting a more “inferior” option that isn’t the most cost effective for what you get, can help people to buy the service you actually want them to.

Tip #6 – Interestingly enough, the general rule is to express a discount in dollar terms vs. % if you have a higher-priced product

Isn’t is nice to have some guidelines around presenting your prices?

It doesn’t hurt to have pricing on your page, in fact it can help you in most cases because it weeds out the people who can’t afford you in the first place. You don’t want to waste your time on phone calls with leads who in the end really can’t afford you. Listing your prices allows you to be transparent and only get serious people inquiring about your services.



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