A Cool Exercise for Putting More Creativity into Your Business Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

I recently met with a high-profile business coach for a one-day strategy session in Arizona (coaches have coaches too you know!). We discussed several ways that I could put more creativity and original thought into my business. There were lots of great suggestions and exercises we did, but there was one cool exercise that was really eye-opening for me.

In fact, it was such a cool and simple idea that I decided to go back to Texas and share this idea with my own coaching clients at our workshop last month.

What was this life-changing idea? I asked each of these food entrepreneurs to bring at least two magazines they would NEVER read. It sounds a little strange and they were all wondering why they had to do that, but when it came time to pull out their magazines that’s when the magic happened!

I asked each of them to start reading the magazines they brought and to look for new ideas they could implement for their business. Of course there were some grumbles and eye rolls. I’m sure they were thinking “Could this really help me come up with new ideas?” As they opened up their “Popular Science” magazines and tech magazines, they were definitely a bit skeptical.

However, about 20 minutes into this exercise, I heard light bulbs going off and they started saying, “Wow, this would be cool idea for my business.”  It was amazing to see the inspiration that came from simply looking at other industries. They walked away with great blog post ideas, copy ideas for their website and much more.

So go ahead and try it! Head to your local grocery store or bookstore and pick out two magazines you normally would never even glance at and see what kind of creativity it can bring!

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