Chef Deb

A Food Entrepreneur’s Experience Getting Her Products on Store Shelves

Every month for eChef Club, I have the opportunity to interview a successful food entrepreneur to help provide some knowledge and experience to the chefs in this monthly coaching program.

Each entrepreneur I interview is different. Some are personal chefs, others are caterers or specialize in selling certain artisan food products like cheese, microgreens, etc. I have interviewed quite a variety of entrepreneurs over the last few years and their real life stories are inspiring and informative and always helpful to the chefs who might be going through the exact thing they did.

I don’t normally share these interviews outside of my coaching programs, but I thought today I would share one that I did recently with Sherry White, founder of Trulee Bliss Bites.

Bliss Bites is a company founded here in Fort Worth, TX and these bliss bites are gluten-free, vegan, superfood sweet treats. If you ever have the opportunity to try them, you need to! They are amazing. She has successfully gotten her bliss bites into stores like Central Market and her business is really taking off!

It wasn’t an easy road for her to get where she is now and she is still learning and growing, but she has some really great insights into what has helped her find success. Better yet, she shares insights into how she got her products onto store shelves, some of the packaging pitfalls you can avoid and much more!

Please turn your volume up in the beginning of the video, as the audio is a little quiet at first. However, it goes back to normal after a little while! Darn technology, sometimes it works well and other times not so much.

I hope you enjoy this interview!


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