Chef Deb

How Affirmations Can Make a Big Impact on Your Business


Have you ever heard of affirmations? An affirmation is something that you consciously or subconsciously think or say. When I learned to master this it truly changed my business. I know this may be a little far out there for some but stick with me and let me show you an example. Affirmations are powerful. Just repeating them over and over creates results. The power of affirmations holds true whether they are positive or negative affirmations.

Affirmations can be positive or negative, such as, “What if I am not good at this chef stuff?” “Will people think I’m a fraud?” “I will never have any clients because I don’t know how to run my business well.” “I don’t have enough money to quit my job and kick my chef business into high gear.” What you think about, you bring about.

You are not good enough to start a chef business because you believe that you are not. You won’t have any clients because you are not running your business well. What about if all of that was changed around? What about repeating in writing or speaking words like “I have abundance in my business, and it is run well. For example, I hired a chef once that started out amazingly well. I was rocking along building my business and gaining clients. After about a year, I noticed clients were dwindling and so was my money. When I finally figured out she had an eating disorder and tried to guide her to get help, I lost about 75% of my clients and my income. I immediately went into to damage control and put new systems in place so that would never happen again.

I needed clients badly. I started repeating to myself every hour even when one more client would leave, “I have consistent, happy and abundant clients.” Within three weeks, I was back up to full capacity again. It sounds unbelievable, but it happened. Every time my business starts to struggle I always take some time away even for an hour and go to a quiet place. I contemplate what is going on inside of me (yes I said me) that is causing this problem in my business. Once I figure that out, everything shifts in my business.  It takes practice and feels strange at first, but I promise it will work.

What affirmation do you need to change?