Baby Booms Wants These Types of Snacks Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

If you have been following the culinary trends this year, you’ve probably noticed that snacks are in high demand. What some of you might not know, is that baby boomers want them too, not just millennials! Ms. Lyons Wyatt, executive vice-president of thought leadership at I.R.I., says that “On average consumers are snacking over 2.5 snacks a day.”

She went on to say that the obvious snacking options like chips, nuts and nutrition bars are popular but unusual ones like chickpeas and seaweed are growing in popularity because people are tired of the typical options available.

Across generations, people are looking for more organic, non-GMO and gluten-free labels. Baby boomers specifically are looking for snacks lower in sodium, reduced sugar and high in protein.

In fact, protein-focused snacks have really accelerated in the salty snack category – particularly meat “strips” and “sticks.” Some brands like Tyson Foods have been pairing meats with cheeses and other ingredients.

Why should you care? Well it really depends what type of food business you own, but if you’re a personal chef or own a line of artisan food products, it’s worth considering how you can incorporate snacks into your services or product line.

If you want your culinary business to remain relevant, sometimes it means having to adapt to what the market is demanding.

As a prepared meal delivery service, we have been offering snacks for awhile now for our clients. They love chia seed puddings, nut-milk based smoothies, roasted chickpeas to name a few. With snack subscription services growing in popularity, people are demanding healthier and more personalized snacks.

If you serve the baby boomer population, you might have not considered offering snacks but this research proves to you that they like snacking too! If you want to do your own research, why not send out a survey to your current clients/customers and ask if that’s something they’d be interested in?

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