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Be a Better Decision Maker with this One Rule

Be A Better Decision Maker with this One Rule Chef Deb Culinary Business Coaching

Do you know what the Latin word for “decide” means? It means “to cut off.” (hence the knife picture!) Successful business owners make decisions very quickly and they “cut off” excessive contemplation. My business coach once told me that there was a study done on multi-million dollar business owners, and each and every one of them had something in common. They all made decisions very quickly. If you are an engineer and baker, this probably scares the pants off of you but it is so true. The decisions that I have made and did not have a clue if it was wrong or right – but just went on intuition- have been some of the very best decisions.

I know some of you are sitting there thinking, “What if I made the wrong decision?” I am the queen of wondering that. Mistakes will happen but each time you make a decision you learn from it good or bad, and it improves something else down the road. You can always course correct if it looks like it is not going to work out.

Often I come across chefs who are too scared to make a decision and they don’t make any changes to their current processes and systems and consequently they don’t grow. The chefs that do have the courage to decide they end up getting ahead faster because they took action instead of being paralyzed with fear.

Sometimes making decisions causes you to lose money. All of us are just trying to make the best decisions we can. I have certainly lost some money from poor decisions. I have a hard head and do not listen well. Investing a large sum of money in your business is always so scary because you simply don’t know how it will turn out even with research.  But money likes speed. Learn to be a quick decision maker.

Want to know what else helps you make better decisions? Self-care. You will be able to make better decisions in your company if you take better care of yourself. The best ideas come when you are alone and doing something for you. At least for me anyway. You must take care of your whole body. I am talking more than just working out. Self-care includes regular checkups at the doctor, going to the dentist,meditation, etc. When you block out the noise of others and are relaxed, sometimes your best ideas and decisions are born.

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