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3 Things You Can Learn from My Fit Foods Closing

February 17, 2017
3 Things You Can Learn from My Fit Foods Closing Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

If you stay in the know with all things culinary, you probably saw that this week My Fit Foods, an Austin-based prepared meals company abruptly closed all 50 of their stores in five different states. All 259 of their employees were notified of the closing just last Sunday. Can you imagine their surprise? My Fit […]

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Marketing Material Basics for Chefs – What You Need to Know!

February 10, 2017
Marketing Material Basics for Chefs - What You Need to Know Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

I have a lot of chefs who come to me asking for direction in creating their marketing materials – whether it’s a flyer, a brochure, a menu template or a letterhead. It seems like there is always one common issue with the materials they create. They lack consistency. Their flyer uses one type of font […]

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Tips for Getting More Engagement and Followers on Instagram

February 3, 2017
Tips for Getting More Engagement and Followers on Instagram

How many of you feel like you have no followers or engagement on your Instagram account? You hear about all of these success stories about people getting clients through Instagram but you can’t even get people to follow your page! Let alone like your posts that you spend hours on trying to find the perfect […]

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How to Make More Money with This Formula

January 27, 2017
Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach How to Make Money with This Formula

As a business coach, it always makes me incredibly happy when a chef increases their revenue. I have seen several chefs even double and almost triple their income within just the first six months of coaching. It’s exciting to see how surprised they are that they could even make that much! One reason why their income doubled […]

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How to Make Money from Tasting Events

January 13, 2017
How to Make Money at Tasting Events Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

How many of you would like to make money simply by showing up at tasting events? You might be thinking “No way! I hardly break even at these events because I have to sample so much food for free!” I totally get it. No culinary business owner likes to give their food away for free, but […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for Every Culinary Business Owner

January 6, 2017
New Year's Resolutions for every Culinary Business Owner

It’s that time of year again when it’s time to sit down, pull out a piece of paper and think of all of your new year’s resolutions and how you want to improve in 2017. Sadly, making new year’s resolutions starts out as an exciting thing for most people but then the luster and hopefulness quickly fades […]

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How Affirmations Can Make a Big Impact on Your Business

December 30, 2016

Have you ever heard of affirmations? An affirmation is something that you consciously or subconsciously think or say. When I learned to master this it truly changed my business. I know this may be a little far out there for some but stick with me and let me show you an example. Affirmations are powerful. […]

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Building a Successful Team in 2017

December 21, 2016

An important factor in delivering great results to your clients is the effectiveness of your team. Many of my coaching clients prior to our mentoring, try to do all of the work themselves but like I’ve said before, a business cannot grow and thrive with just one person running it. I know that many of […]

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What Your Voicemail Says About You

December 16, 2016
chef-deb-cantrell culinary business coach

As the busy holiday season is in full swing for all of us culinary business owners, I am not able to answer all of my phone calls. Not a big surprise there. Needless to say, many clients and potential clients have to leave a voicemail instead. While a voicemail might seem like an insignificant thing, […]

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3 Things You Should Do Before the New Year

December 9, 2016

Can you believe that 2016 is already almost over? I know that many of my coaching clients (including myself) are swamped with the holidays right around the corner and the last thing you’re probably thinking about is next year, let alone next week. Even though you are probably ready to take a breather and sit […]

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How to Apologize to a Client the Right Way

December 2, 2016
How to Apologize to a Client The Right Way Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

There will come a time (probably several times) in your business when you make a huge mistake and will have to apologize to a client.  You will drop the ball on a client, totally forget about something, or just completely screw up. Letting your client down is such a heartbreaking and scary experience. The best […]

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Ideas for How to Use Facebook Live as a Personal Chef

November 23, 2016
Ideas for How to Use Facebook Live Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

Facebook Live is such a great new feature that can really help boost engagement on your Facebook business page and create a relationship with your followers. I have yet to do a Facebook live on my personal chef page, but I have done a live Q & A video on a chef group page I’m […]

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Get the Most out of Joint Ventures

November 18, 2016
Make the Most Out of Joint Ventures Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

Your business will skyrocket when you realize that it is all about relationships. One important relationship are joint ventures. If you’ve never done a join venture, it’s time! In today’s business world, you will gain more clients by who you know well and the connections you have with others. It is that simple. A join […]

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I Use This Tool to Make Social Media Planning Easier

November 11, 2016
Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach I Use This Tool to Make Social Media Planning Easier

It seems like social media sometimes consumes a lot of our time. If you’re a business owner, it should definitely be a priority in your schedule, but I found a way to make social media posting even more pain free and not totally consume your day. One word – Hootsuite. Now, I want to mention that […]

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Be a Better Decision Maker with this One Rule

November 3, 2016
Be A Better Decision Maker with this One Rule Chef Deb Culinary Business Coaching

Do you know what the Latin word for “decide” means? It means “to cut off.” (hence the knife picture!) Successful business owners make decisions very quickly and they “cut off” excessive contemplation. My business coach once told me that there was a study done on multi-million dollar business owners, and each and every one of them […]

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5 Ways to Stand Out This Holiday Season

October 28, 2016

The million dollar question seems to be “how do I stand out during the holiday season?” Food is a competitive industry enough but add the holidays on top of that and it seems like a recipe for failure! Even though the holidays can be an intimidating time for chefs, don’t let your fears give you […]

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This One Factor Keeps Every Culinary Business From Growing

October 21, 2016
One Factor that Will Keep Your Culinary Business From Growing

There are lots of reasons why a culinary business might not be growing and keeping the same one or two clients that your business relies heavily on. Reasons ranging from lack of effective marketing, poor branding to lack of building connections within your community. The list goes on and on. There is one factor, however […]

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How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Culinary Business

October 14, 2016
How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Culinary Business Chef Deb

Over the years, I have spent little time and effort on my business Instagram because I assumed that most of my target market was just on Facebook. However, in the past year my marketing person has put a lot of effort into our Instagram page because it turns out that a good portion of our […]

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The Power of Saying “No” in Business

October 5, 2016
Chef Deb Cantrell Culinary Business Coach The Power of "No"

Have you ever stopped to think about the power of saying “no” in business? Have you ever had someone approach you and request a customized catering and they go on to list all of their requests and demands, tell you it’s for a 100 people and then make sure to tell you that they have […]

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer

September 30, 2016
Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

There are a several questions you need to ask before hiring a web designer. Having owned  five culinary businesses, I’ve had to hire a web designer on many different occasions. I’ve gone through a lot of websites updates and complete re-designs. Nearly all of the chefs in my upper level coaching programs have also gotten brand […]

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