Chef Deb

Speaking Topics

Chef Deb brings the world of culinary and business together with her highly entertaining and informative presentations. Her dynamic speeches can apply to chefs specifically or entrepreneurs more broadly since she is a serial entrepreneur herself and can bring a unique perspective from both sides of the table as a speaker at your event.

How to Make Money in Your Sleep as a Chef

This presentation will teach you how to create new revenue streams so that you don’t have to stand behind your stove to make the money you deserve.

You Will Learn:

  • How to break free from the status quo
  • How to think outside the box and monetize on your talents and current processes and protocols
  • The nuts and bolts of turning your intellectual property into products
  • How to market your products, including the key to real list building
  • The process to make your products actually profitable so you can hit the ground running!

Your Culinary Business Blueprint

This is your success plan for operating a 6-figure culinary business according to your own unique vision and goals. Your food, your way.

You Will Learn:

  • Top 3 Business Foundation Truths
  • 10 Proven Strategies for Being Successful
  • How to Create a Culinary Business Blueprint
  • The Lifecycle of Your Business

From Little Business to Dream Business

Chef Deb Cantrell, brings her proven strategies to empower you with the industry tactics to STOP playing SMALL.

You Will Learn:

  • Win the inner fight of mindset when it comes to yourself as a chef and a business owner
  • Identify the two-sides to your brand
  • Implement three branding strategies RIGHT NOW
  • Understand how to shift into a “client centric” mode

Your Bottom Line

Learn how food and nutrition affect your “ass” ets.

You Will Learn:

  • How to eat smart
  • Learn about two of the most misdiagnosed health concerns that sabotage your business and personal life.
  • Learn why you are unable to lose weight and how allergies/food intolerances are related
  • How to stop being “unknown” in business and start getting noticed

Customized Option

Want Chef Deb to speak on a topic that is more specific to your event and audience? Chef Deb will put together a customized presentation that will speak best to your audience and leave them feeling inspired and have the right knowledge to take action now.

"Inspiring, stimulating, informative, educational are all adjectives I could use when describing Chef Deb and her presentation.  What I found most intriguing was that I learned about food sensitivity for the first time!  Many of my clients had the same experience and expressed those thoughts to me- well worth the time spent. "

Joan Arcierio, Executive VP Creating and Managing Wealth LLC

"Every micro-business needs a good dose of business reality ensconced in common sense, creativity and inspiration.  Chef Deb Cantrell provided all of that and more for members of the United States Personal Chef Association at our annual National Education Conference.  Deb’s presentation inspired members to change their businesses in ways that resulted in measurable improvement to their businesses."

Larry Lynch, President of USPCA