Chef Deb


Competition. Chefs are all about competition. Just watch an episode of “Top Chef” or “Iron Chef of America.” It can be brutal! As chefs, we take pride in our cooking and skills in the kitchen. So naturally, it can be a little intimidating when you find other chefs popping up in your area with similar skills and expertise. So here is how my take on competition.

When people ask me who my competition is I simply reply with “I don’t have any.” I am sure you are asking yourself, “How can that be the case because there are other chefs, caterers and personal chefs all over the place and in my same city. I reply that way because you only have competition if you feel like you have competition. It is true. Everyone was put on this earth for a purpose. Remember there is a 1/425th of a trillion of a chance that you and only you were born with your unique qualities, attitudes and behaviors. The world needs exactly what you bring to the table at this very time in your life.

Since that is the case, then the services that you offer in your business are unique to you and only you. Customers buy what you have to offer because of you. Yes, you produce amazing food but what they are truly buying is you. So the next time you interview a client, let what you do ooze out of you. Show them your passion.

The next time, you have too many clients or a fellow chef needs your help even if they are in the same area…help them! Share with them. Invite another chef to lunch or coffee. I met the owner of another personal chef company in my area recently and we set up a time to meet and talk about each other’s businesses. It’s okay to do that! Develop a team approach to servicing your area. I am sure that you may have talents and areas of interest that the other chef does not have. There are plenty of clients and opportunities to go around. Besides, you know what they say about karma!!!!