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Are you tired of spinning in circles and feeling alone as a chef entrepreneur? Join this monthly membership that includes a community of culinary business owners who are getting the support and resources they need to make small, yet powerful changes in their business.

If you are needing a stronger business foundation and resources and support to figure out what the next step is for your business and how to get there, then eChef Club might be the perfect fit for you!


Small Investment - Huge Return

Investing in your business can be scary. That's why I created the eChef Club which is a low-cost investment that helps you take small steps toward establishing a solid business foundation and continued growth. This is great for those of you who aren't so sure about this whole "coaching thing."

Your eChef Club Membership includes:

Monthly Office Hours

Each month, Chef Deb will answer your burning questions on this 1-hour call. (Value $300 a month)

Monthly Expert Teaching Call

There will be about nine calls with industry experts to include topics like: sales, social media, marketing, acquiring new clients, SEO/website design, book writing, product development, accounting/bookkeeping for your culinary business, etc.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with other chefs from across the country in our highly interactive private Facebook group and get your questions answered quickly and not waste time seeing pictures of someone's souffle.  (Value - Priceless!)

Weekly Business Tips and Inspiration

You will receive weekly culinary business tips written by Chef Deb delivered right to your inbox that are meant to help you with easy implementation of business principles that have helped Deb create her 6-figure culinary business! (Value $49 a month)

Chef Co-op

Get access to a co-op with recipes, sample catering menus, personal chef menus, cooking class menus, policy and procedure manuals and more.

Access to Membership Site

You will be able to access past office hours, expert interviews, and a full library of resources (enough to practically build a whole business with!) including videos, Powerpoints, worksheets, etc. through our membership site.

"The weekly tips are valuable, thought-provoking ideas that could immediately be put into effect that day. They aren't teasers that led you to other pages or tried to get you to purchase something.

They were honest to goodness ideas and suggestions directly related to improving my personal chef business!"

- Chef Diana Kramer, Tasty Tidbits

"On my 30-minute strategy session, Chef Deb not only put a lot of my apprehensions to rest but she answered all of my questions. She explained a great jumping off  point for unique marketing strategy tailored to my region and offered some website tips to properly convey my brand."

- Chef James Magee

Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach



Join the Entrepreneurial Chef Revolution!
Never before has there been a time like today where you can literally create a limitless revenue and a freedom-filled life.

What You Are Going to Get: 

  • A strong business foundation for future growth
  • Daily support from a mentor who has been in your shoes and understands your struggles and frustrations
  • Clarity in what the next step is for your culinary business and how to get there
  • Answers to your questions and concerns
  • Networking with other serious business owners
  • Support you need for generating a more consistent income which is the ultimate goal of eChef Club!