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Chef Deb's Elite Chef Program is a 12-month coaching program and community for the culinary business owner who has a strong business foundation and is making about $100,000-$150,000 in yearly sales. They have specific goals in mind and want to explode their business but they need an accelerated strategic plan to get there. This culinary enthusiast is strong-willed, eager to learn, is an independent thinker but needs a strong leader and mentor to help them run their business to its full potential and make their dreams a reality.

If you are ready to dramatically catapult your culinary business success and revenue, while creating a lifestyle you love, Chef Deb Cantrell is ready to lead the way for you in her private one-on-one mentoring program if you are willing to put in the work to get there! Get ready to join a tribe of other serious business owners who "get it" and are as dedicated and willing to put in the work to get where they'd like to be as you are!

Disclaimer: If you are a culinary business owner who isn't yet making $100,000 in sales a year, but feel that you are ready for this level of coaching, feel free to apply below!


Be guided by Serial Entrepreneur and Executive Chef Mentor to:

  • Become an extraordinary entrepreneur in the culinary field
  • Lead your company like the CEO and Executive Chef you are meant to be
  • Take a big leap in your revenue and ROI
  • Get help from my marketing team with advanced marketing strategies to further grow your business
  • Have more free time and create the lifestyle you want
  • Develop and leverage your products and services to reach more people in less time
  • Make a positive and powerful impact on the world with your talents and gifts
  • Find new inspiration and motivation while being guided and supported on a daily basis
  • Reach your full potential in life and in your business


BONUS: Two Workshops (2-days each) at Chef Deb's commercial kitchen located in Fort Worth, TX that will help you "put it all together" and get an inside look at Deb's 6-figure culinary business and her day-to-day kitchen and business operations.

"A big part Chef Deb has helped me through is getting past my own worries of failure."

- Chef Andrea Boje, The Holistic Chef

"I was starting out in my personal chef career and I needed some guidance and assistance from a professional that's been in the personal chef field for a very long time. I have been given bullet points and things I need to get done from Chef Deb. Jump right in, it's totally worth it and it's a great investment in your time and business!"

- Chef Lyndsay Goodson, Local Dish

"She's given me a lot of focus and given me some really amazing ideas, worth every single penny. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, Deb is definitely the person you want to get with."

- Chef Nicole Bunting, It's Just Food

Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach
In-Depth One-on-One Session

One 4-6 hour session to dive deeply into your business with a detailed and comprehensive plan to implement immediately and fill in the gaps and increase your bottom line.

Unlimited Access to Chef Deb

Chef Deb will schedule a 60-minute call each month to address any of your questions, come up with strategies, review action plans, etc. During the year, you will have unlimited access to Chef Deb via phone, email, and Skype.

Monthly Mastermind Group Call

Every other week, Chef Deb will host a mastermind call that will include other serious culinary business owners in the Elite Chef coaching program who are ready to put their heads together and learn.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with other chefs from across the country in our highly interactive private Facebook group to get answers to your questions quickly and not waste time seeing a picture of someone's souffle.

Chef Co-op

You will get access to our co-op of recipes, sample catering menus, personal chef menus, cooking class menus, policy and procedure manuals and more.

Access to Best Resources

You will have full access to our library of best resources which include all of the past recordings of our office hours, expert interview, expert teachings, and numerous resources to help you grow your business. You will find videos, Powerpoints and worksheets, etc. ranging from how to create a marketing plan,website launch plans, hiring new team members, to booking TV segments.

Get Started


Please contact Deb Cantrell directly at 682.261.3260 or email [email protected] to discuss how this program will fit your needs.


You will receive:

  • A leader and mentor who can give you motivation and direction to reach your goals
  • Expertise to achieve extraordinary revenue growth
  • Creative direction on product, branding and strategic         development
  • Innovative marketing strategies to attract your most aligned clients and customers
  • Mindset needed to break through your roadblocks and succeed in your business 'no matter what'
  • Building blocks you must have to grow a business that will flourish and stand the test of time
  • Training to leverage your expertise so you can expand your revenue and freedom through passive  income producing products and services
  • Keen analysis and direction in all facets of business
  • Tools to overcome obstacles in your way
  • Tools to live a balanced, healthy and passionate life