Chef Deb

Don’t Go it Alone

We all know by now that trying to run your company completely alone is almost impossible, especially if you want to grow or realize any sufficient income. Besides calling in other chefs to help, servers, your accountant and other people to help in your business,what about the other needs? The other needs can include changes to your website, graphics needed for marketing materials, creating landing pages/sales pages, managing your social media, writing your newsletter or blog. If you don’t have a clue what some of these things are or how they will bring you business, don’t worry, you will as we proceed along.

There are a few websites where I find people to help me with those various things. I encourage you to take a look at each one of these to find what you are looking for next time.

These sites are great because you get the advantages of professionals for your company at a minimal cost and you can use them on an “as needed” basis.  Always check references–call the references and ask questions. The first time you hire someone to help you can be a bit scary, but normally the investment is low to get your feet wet.

I encourage to step out and find what you are looking for with these sites and others. If you don’t need someone yet to help in some of these areas of your business, you will as you grow. I promise.