Chef Deb

Getting More Clients Part 2

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates more customers.”- Shiv Singh

This quote really speaks to the value that just one customer has. Perhaps right now you only have one or two regular clients, but imagine how much that can grow if they have a good experience with you. A customer has the impact to either create more business for you or damage your reputation and create less business for you.

Keep that in mind as I talk about FOUR MORE WAYS you can attract more clients to your business:

5. Ask for referrals– Again, your current customers can be a perfect way to gain more customers. If they love you, they will tell their friends and family about you. Although, it doesn’t hurt to help remind them to tell others about you. Start out by asking, “Is there anyone you know of at your church, bridge group, mom’s club, etc. that you know would benefit from my services like you have?” Most of the time they would love to share you with the world. When you receive an additional client from a client, always find a nice way to say thank you and return the favor.

6. Run Special Deals- On special occasions such as holidays, create a special, time-sensitive offer and blast that out to your email marketing list and social media sites. Without being annoying, make it sound urgent and always remember to have it address a customer’s pain point. For example, I run a “Back-to-School” deal in August each year where I emphasize taking the stress out of dinner. I usually offer a free dinner for the first month of service. I always acquire a few more clients from these special deals.

7. Collaborate- Collaboration or fusion marketing is a great way to gain more business as well, such as an event with a wine store, olive oil shop, or health foods store. They pay for the wine and you pay for the food. Make sure to have a set promotion schedule laid out where you both are marketing to your lists a few times before the event or special. Make sure you have a landing page/sales page to be a place where people can go to to get information about the event and even sign up for the event. Having a landing page on both of your sites will drive traffic and therefore capture more names for your email list. Have your web person can help setup and design your landing page.

8.  Create a Google Hangout or Webinar– A Google Hangout or Webinar can be a great way to reach a large audience and gain new contacts for your business. Invite everyone on social media and your list. If you promote it well enough, you might get others to sign up for it as well.

You Can Talk about:

  • 10 Ways to Set Up Your Kitchen To Make Dinner Easier
  • 5 Ways to Navigate the Grocery Store to Get You In and Out
  • Menu Planning on a Budget

There are endless topics that as chefs we can talk about!

One of the biggest problems that chefs have in running their business is that they forget to get out from behind the computer or leave the kitchen, and put their chef coat on and ASK for clients. The answer is always “no” unless you ask. Remember “no” does not mean “no” forever or “no” to you and what you are offering. It means “no…not right now.” Don’t take it personally. Try these methods and be patient.