A new contact form came through on your website, someone is interested in your culinary services! Getting a new prospect is always such an amazing feeling. It validates why you are in business. While you love getting a new prospect, maybe you don’t love the thought of having to jump on the phone and really pitch and sell your service. 

You are worried that you might sound too “salesy” or pushy or that you might say too much and scare them away. Ultimately, you are scared they will say “no.” Well, you’re right, they might say no but you don’t know until you ask and actually talk to them. 

There are so many things I have learned over the years and I think your style of selling and closing the deal has to be massaged and perfected. It takes practice.

To get you started though, here are some valuable tips that work every time and help me turn a prospect into a paying client right on the phone:

How to Turn Prospects into Clients Over the Phone Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

1) The most important thing you can do, is to speak to them as if they are already a client. You can say things like “So when we start your service…”  “When I send you your menu….” Assume that they are already a customer when you get them on the phone or when you show up at their house to interview them.

2) Remember you are there to interview them just as much as they are you. It has to be a good fit all the way around or you will never close the sale.

3) Start out by asking what goals they want from the service. What do they need the service for? What problem will it fix for them? You will use this later after you close to say, “So as you can see I have illustrated why this service will fix….”

4) Let them do most of the talking and close your mouth. Ask open ended questions such as tell me about some of your favorite foods?”

5) Do not explain how the process works unless they ask. No one really cares about the process. They care what the food will do for them. After you have closed the sell, then let them know what to expect from the process.

6) Be confident in your delivery even if you feel like you are shaking in your shoes.

7) Most of all be yourself. People like to buy from people who are genuine and real. 

8) Let them know your price and move right into when would they like to start. Never say “Is that price okay?”

These are just some tips to help you be better prepared to end the sales call with a new client! If you are confident, speak to them as if they are already a client and remind them how you will be fixing or solving their problem, you can’t really go wrong!

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