How to Add Emojis to Your Subject Lines Chef Deb Culinary Business CoachingHave you seen that your inbox is full of emails with emojis in the subject lines? Recently, this strategy has been used by companies big and small. Why? Because it works. I’m guessing if you’re like most people, the emails that catch your eye in that long stream of junk mail, are the ones with emojis, right? Your eye is naturally drawn to the visuals versus the boring old text.

Now you might be wondering…do emojis really fit with my high end culinary business? If it gets people to open your emails, then yes. However, you shouldn’t use them ALL the time or too many in one subject line, or that begins to look a little gimmicky. Instead, use it strategically and for the emails that make the most sense. For instance, if I’m going to send an email for National Ice Cream Day with an ice cream recipe, that’d be a perfect opportunity to use the ice cream emoji!

Some research has shown that subject lines with these characters get 3 x the open rate versus emails without emojis. We haven’t noticed quite those numbers, but it definitely gives us higher open rates when sent at the right time, etc.

Enough chit chat though, let’s get into HOW to add them to your emails!

Now, your email provider might make it a lot easier to add emojis to your emails, but in case they don’t, then you should be able to follow this protocol:

1) Go to and go to the emoji charts. You can just google “Unicode Emoji Charts” and then from there you can search their entire library of emojis.

2) Once you find one you like, highlight it with your cursor and copy it (right click).

3) Then go to Cylog Software ( > Online Tools > UTF 8 to Mail Header and paste the emoji in there and it will give you an output code that you can then copy and paste directly in your email subject line!

If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a link to a how-to video that outlines these steps (where I originally got this great information!)

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