Reviews. Every business needs them. They will be one of the most valuable things you can use in your marketing. Why? A study showed that 68% of women and 66% of men consult online reviews and 72% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. That is saying a lot! Clearly, if people are going to buy something they look at online reviews first before they jump right in.

I’m sure I don’t need to preach the importance of testimonials to you, but I find that sometimes we don’t do enough to get more of these!

How You Can Get More Online Reviews for Your Culinary Business and Increase Social Proof Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

Consider Using an Email Conversation – Do you ever consider turning an email you receive from a client into a testimonial? Oftentimes, I will get emails from happy clients saying how great their meals were or how it helped them lose weight and feel better. When you get an email like that, ask their permission to use in your marketing. I’ve found that nearly all of my clients are more than happy to let me use their words.

Ask them to leave a review on your Facebook Page  Have you ever thought to send an email to a current client asking them to leave a review on your Facebook business page? Sometimes it’s the obvious things we forget to do. The more positive reviews that show up the more social proof you get! If you make it easy for them by providing a link and they are happy with the services, there is no reason why they wouldn’t leave a review!

Besides sending an email, consider making a cute welcome postcard when a new client signs up. At the bottom ask them to leave a review. This is an no-pressure way of putting it out there that you’d love their feedback!

Write a blog post about a great client story – Have you ever thought about turning a client testimonial into a full-blown short story and including it on your blog? I had a client who was a cancer patient and after working with her, she was able to reduce her cancer treatments in half simply because she changed her diet. That is a story worth sharing because it speaks to the power of your service and brand and people can relate to it. Of course, you need to ask permission when publishing something so personal, but I have had two clients gladly agree to me posting about it as long as they were able to review it beforehand.

Respond to your reviews – If you want to get more reviews, respond to the ones you DO get. Doing so, shows others that you genuinely care about your customers’ feedback. It also helps reinforce positive feedback to further show a positive relationship between the customer and your company. If it’s a bad review, that’s an even greater reason to respond so that you can resolve an issue and demonstrate that you are willing to make things right.

Make a simple video – Videos are a must-have these days with shorter attention spans and a greater need to catch people’s attention with all the noise on the Internet. Have you considered asking one of your loyal, die-hard fans (clients) to let you record a video testimonial? I had a celebrity client who I was working with and I asked him if we could record his thoughts on how the service changed his life, and he gladly accepted. Of course, when you’re working with high-profile clients please keep in mind you need explicit permission in writing. Consider hiring someone to shoot the video or do a more casual one with an iPhone. You can post on social media or in your emails.

Are you ready to get more reviews for your business and therefore increase your social proof and attract even MORE clients? Then start trying one of these! If you’d like to check out some casual video testimonials I had done for my company, check them out here. 


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