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Ideas for How to Use Facebook Live as a Personal Chef

Facebook Live is such a great new feature that can really help boost engagement on your Facebook business page and create a relationship with your followers. I have yet to do a Facebook live on my personal chef page, but I have done a live Q & A video on a chef group page I’m a part of and it went really well! I was amazed to see that over 100 people were watching and that many had comments during the video. It was a great way for me as a coach to get to know other chefs and help answer their culinary business questions. The best part? It was easy and required almost little effort to pull off.

The great thing about Facebook live is it doesn’t have to be perfect – that is the beauty of being “live.” You can be your quirky, natural self and people expect that. No need for a hundred takes! With that being said, do come prepared with what you are going to say and how you want the video to flow. You don’t want to show up live with nothing of value to offer.

Whether you’ve used Facebook live before or you’re a newbie, I wanted to give you some ideas on how you can use it to boost business. Before we get into the fun stuff though, I want to quickly review how to use Facebook live for all of you who might be less tech savvy like me. A few things to preface, currently you can only do Facebook live on your mobile device. That means your camera will be in selfie mode or you can have someone else record you so your hands or free. Of course you can always invest in a little tripod for your phone or even use a stack of books to prop it up.

How to Use Facebook Live: 

  1. Practice using the Facebook Live feature by setting your status update to “Only Me.” Make sure the camera angle is good.facebook-live

2. It will prompt you to write a description for the video. It’s important to have a great description so that people are compelled to watch.


  1. Click the rotating arrows button (above in the top right-hand corner) to make sure the camera is pointing in the right direction.
  1. Click the “Go Live’ button when you are ready to start streaming!
  1. You will see notifications on comments come in as people can comment on the video as you are streaming. It’s important to acknowledge the people who are viewing by name and express how grateful you are that they are taking the time to tune in. Make sure you address the majority of comments and use social proof (read a couple of positive comments) to get people excited.

6. Click “Finish” when you are done with the broadcast. Make sure to select the option to save the video to your camera roll just in case!


7. Don’t forget to view the results of your live video so you can see how many people watched your video at certain points in time.


Ideas for Facebook Live Videos:

When you are brainstorming potential topics for Facebook Live, have a certain goal in mind. Are you hoping to educate people on food intolerances so you can later warm them up to buying a food intolerance test? Are you wanting to establish yourself as more of an expert in the culinary field? Are you hoping to sell more holiday meals? Your goal will determine what you want your video to include. Remember though, your video is not a sales pitch. It’s about creating a relationship with your followers and offering them some kind of value to their newsfeed that will then turn them into potential leads for your services.

  • Have someone record you making an easy holiday appetizer in your kitchen
  • Do a live Q & A about the Paleo diet and questions people might have about eating Paleo
  • Show them how to cut a tricky fruit or vegetable or do something more efficiently
  • Talk about some of your favorite kitchen “must-haves” or how to use a spiralizer etc.
  • Share your tips on how to pick out the best produce or give them a guide to picking out the best grass-fed meats at the grocery store
  • Share a simple recipe with them and ask people to comment on what recipes they want you to make in the future
  • Show them how to pickle something
  • Show them different ways to use one ingredient in multiple dishes
  • Do a video explaining how your service works – this is more “salesy” but also helpful because many people want to know how it works. You can approach it with an angle saying that a lot of people have been asking you how it works, so you decided to make a video on it.
  • Do a video on why you decided to become a chef
  • Do a video showing off your commercial kitchen and introduce your team of chefs (make sure it looks sanitary and somewhat clean before). People like to know the chefs behind their food!
  • Do a video showcasing a seasonal, unusual ingredient you’re using in a dish and talk about that ingredient and tell people what it is, how to use it and why it’s healthy for you.
  • Record a video of one of the chefs on your team using a cool kitchen technique

Hopefully this list has given you some good ideas on what you can do for Facebook Live. Again, it doesn’t have to be some elaborate production. It could be as simple as showcasing something, showing them how to do something or simply sharing a story about yourself as a chef.

My Tips on Having a Successful Facebook Live Video:

Promote it Ahead of Time – While Facebook Live is all about spontaneity, you have to promote it at least a week in advance in order for people to know that you’ll be going live. For my Q & A I asked people to even submit questions ahead of time to my email. This got people already thinking of questions they might have. Create simple social media graphics using to promote the date, time and topic for your video.

Make the Video Visually Appealing – Show them where you are, give them little insights into your life, walk around a bit… give them a change of scenery so it’s not so boring.

Re-Introduce Yourself and Your Topic a Few Times – As more viewers tune in, make sure to reintroduce yourself and your topic. Something like: “I’m Chef Deb a Culinary Business Coach and I am doing my first FB Live video and I’m answering your questions about all things culinary business!” This helps people jump right in!

Make Sure You Have Good Internet Connection – At the minimum, your Facebook Live video should be about 10 minutes. I have done one that is as long as 30 minutes, but I wouldn’t go much longer than that. You want to keep people’s attention and wanting more.

Be Casual and Fun – Pretend like you are talking to a friend! Have fun and be yourself and let your personality shine through. Now is the time to really connect with your audience.

Feel free to shout out to those who are viewing or how many people are viewing to get people excited and be more interactive. You’ll do great!!

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