Chef Deb

Invest In Your Gifts

The path to truly becoming successful is to invest in your gifts. Your gifts are your offerings in your business.  The path of any business looks like this or what is called “The Big Idea”:

  • Start a business
  • Create a new product or service
  • Create passive revenue
  • Up level your business
  • Expand your mark on the world

Each of you is at a different stage of your business.

Some of you have just started your businesses.  Others are wanting to up-level your business.  You may be wondering how to create passive revenue. I call this “how to make money in your sleep.”  It really does not matter where you are on your journey;  at some point you will truly want to monetize your ideas. There are several ways to do that.

What I mean by “monetize your ideas,” is this. Most chefs stand behind their stove and try to do everything themselves. Your income earning potential is limited this way. Monetizing your ideas means using the intellectual knowledge that you have in your head to make money. Usually this means once you set it up and get it out there, it continues to sell itself.

What if you videotaped yourself doing a healthy grocery store tour at the major stores in your areas and then had those videos edited? Each of those videos can be placed on your website, a PayPal link attached, and then clients can pay and download those and take you to the store with them. Because most stores are national chains, people from all over the country can download your videos! Make sense? You can also offer private grocery store tours as well as a product on your website. People with special dietary needs especially love these because they need to learn how to fit their new diet into their lifestyle. Many grocery stores will even pay you at times to lead these for the public, so make sure you talk to the manager ahead of time.

Remember, the business that is innovative and sets you apart from the rest is the business that will be out in front.