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Marketing Material Basics for Chefs – What You Need to Know!

I have a lot of chefs who come to me asking for direction in creating their marketing materials – whether it’s a flyer, a brochure, a menu template or a letterhead. It seems like there is always one common issue with the materials they create. They lack consistency. Their flyer uses one type of font and their menu template has another font or the type of images have a very different look and feel. This really is an issue of brand. Whatever you put out there to the world, it needs to look like it came from you and people need to be able to instantly recognize it. Think about Nike. As soon you see that swoosh you immediately know that it’s Nike and their slogan “Just Do It” might even come to mind. Brands like Nike did not just gain international recognition over night. It was through consistency of materials produced.

The same applies to chefs. Do you have a template you use for all of your menus so they look the same? Do your flyers all have the same basic elements and layout? Not only does having a template create brand consistency, but it saves you an incredible amount of time since you are not having to reinvent the wheel every time you need to create new marketing material for your business.

To help you get an idea of what I’m talking about, I thought it would be helpful to provide some examples of marketing materials I use. As you can see, they have the same title structure, same fonts, colors, they both have my logo and contact information in the same spot. They look like they’re from the same brand and that’s what is important here.

Marketing Materials Basics for Chefs - What You Need to Know!      Marketing Material Basics for Chefs - What You Need to Know

Now, I’m not saying all of your materials have to look absolutely identical, but for your standard marketing materials, they should. If you’re doing an event, your flyer might look a bit different, but overall it should still look similar to your other materials and of course have your brand colors.

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