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Mother’s Day Promotional Ideas for Chefs

Mother's Day Promotional Ideas for Chefs Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

Mother’s Day is always a holiday that I try to take advantage of as a chef. Why? Because the majority of my clients are female and many of them are moms. In fact, I just recently had a new personal chef client who is a busy mother of 6 and her husband has a demanding job that requires him to be away a lot. She does not have time to cook as you can imagine managing six kiddos. Therefore, when mother’s day rolls around I always want to offer something special.

What I like to do and what I’m doing this year, is I’m teaming up with a local group called Shop Small Fort Worth to offer a Mother’s Day giveaway. I’m writing a blog post for them and then on social media we are hosting the giveaway where I am giving away 3 customized meals, 4 servings to one lucky mom. How it will work is we will cross promote the giveaway and in order for people to be entered into the giveaway they have to follow each of our accounts, like the post and post a comment about why they love being a mom.

It’s that simple! You might be thinking “why would I give something away, I lose money!” Of course, only do a giveaway if you can honestly afford to do it, but hosting giveaways are a great way to increase engagement on your social media channels, it improves your image because you are willing to give away your service for a mom who could use a break, and it fosters better relationships with local businesses.

Now do you see the benefits? Sure, you lose some money up front but you might end up getting a client or two as a result down the road. I know that has been the case for me. Last year we hosted a few giveaways and one of their winner’s sisters actually turned into a client for me. Pretty cool!

Plus, moms like to talk and share their hacks, so if you team up with a popular mom’s group and one of them has tried your food and had a great experience, most likely they are going to tell all of their girlfriends about you!

Besides giveaways, you can also remind your email list and followers of your gift certificates. They make a great mother’s day gift! You can check out my gift certificate page here to see how I present our gift certificates. Of course, you can tailor the names of the gift certificates to be mommy-focused if you prefer. You can offer a special discount on your gift certificates or simply just remind them that you offer them.

If you do catering, you could also run a special Mother’s Day dinner promotion.

If you want some tips for how to get the most out of join ventures, read my article here where I provide you with some guidelines!