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This One Factor Keeps Every Culinary Business From Growing

One Factor that Will Keep Your Culinary Business From Growing

There are lots of reasons why a culinary business might not be growing and keeping the same one or two clients that your business relies heavily on. Reasons ranging from lack of effective marketing, poor branding to lack of building connections within your community. The list goes on and on. There is one factor, however that will completely STUNT your culinary business from growing completely. Guess what it is? It’s not knowing your target market or being what I call a “wandering generality.”

Probably the biggest mistake that a business owner could make is trying to be everything to everyone. We are going to fail if we do this. We become successful when we hone in on that ONE THING that we are really great at and makes us stand out.

The thing is; people don’t hire aimless generalities.  People hire outcomes to fix their pain points. Have you heard that somewhere before?  They pay for specific solutions to specific problems, and if it’s specific enough (and positioned correctly), they pay premium rates.

Think of the general things that you do as a chef. Then think of a specific outcome that comes from that such as better health, something that people want to see happen and are willing to pay for.  Then build a signature service or product around that.

“Personal chef services that will allow you to wear skinny jeans again.” How about that for a result? When you’re known for something, you’re in a position to charge premium rates hence establishing yourself as an expert in your field. You’re not a wandering generality. If you’re a specific solution to a problem or a pain point and you will automatically stand out.  What are you doing to stand out?

I’m teaching a free webinar on Thursday, October 27 at 5 pm CST on this very thing. I am teaching how to find your target market (or niche), how to attract them to your business and create loyal clients who will keep using your services time and time again.  A huge part of that is knowing what specific pain points you solve. I can’t wait to “see” you there! There will also be a Q & A so come with any questions you might have about target markets. chef-deb-oct-webinar-warm-traffic-ad