Chef Deb

The Second Edition of Behind Their Brand is Out!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I announced the release of the new book I compiled called “Behind Their Brand: Chefs Edition Volume 1.” I’m excited to share that Volume 2 was just released today! I had so many chefs who wanted to be a part of this book and share their story that I decided to start on the second volume right away. In this second edition, you will find that the story continues with 9 more chefs from across the country with all different culinary professional backgrounds and interesting stories to tell about building a culinary brand from scratch. Some of the chefs in this second volume I have also had the pleasure to coach and work with personally. I’ve been able to witness first hand their diligence in growing a brand that has brought them a ton of success and so this is just really exciting that they can share their stories with you!

I am very passionate about these books because as long as I’ve been in the culinary industry, I haven’t seen many books that highlight non-traditional chefs like these two do. It seems like too often their stories about leaving the corporate world and navigating the unknown world of starting a personal chef company¬†has been left unsaid. However, I think it’s important for other chefs and culinary professionals to be inspired by their determination, learn from their mistakes and be better equipped to follow their dreams and have the courage to create a business of their own.

The part that I’m really excited about is that the proceeds from this book are being put toward a culinary program at the American Culinary Federation! The chefs in this book really wanted to help students find culinary careers and they saw this book as an opportunity to give back and give young chefs¬†the start they need.

Please support these chefs, be inspired by their stories and help young culinary students get their start in the wonderful world of culinary!


Behind Their Brand Chefs Edition Volume 2 Chef Deb