This two-day workshop is unlike any chef conference you have ever been to. You won't find classes about how to fillet a fish or sharpen your knife skills...Instead you will sharpen your business smarts and get the chance to exclusively work ON your business rather than just IN it and step away from the daily grind of the kitchen. 

 Because let's face it, we don't always make it a priority to work on the business side of things when we are in the kitchen every day.

Taking some time to evaluate your business and see where the holes are, is critical in order to play BIG in one of the most competive industries there is.  

With the food landscape changing rapidly, you can't survive without a clear direction of where you need to be and a strong brand and that can be hard navigating alone. Believe me, I've had to build multiple culinary businesses from scratch and have spent thousands of dollars on business coaches. I have definitely learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn't when it comes to food. 

In this hands-on workshop, I'm not just going to TELL you how you can grow your business, I'm going to SHOW you. No, we won't be talking about mindset and how much you need to send positive vibes into the universe in order to make the money you deserve....

While that is all fine and dandy, this workshop is meant to help you get things DONE. So roll up your sleeves and dive in because you will be walking away with a CLEAR BUSINESS PLAN and direction to GROW your business like never before!

We'll be focusing on the following 4 areas of business during this workshop:

Re-establish Business Foundations 

In order to really grow your business, you need strong business foundations in order to get to the next level of business. 

We are going to restablish these important stepping stones needed for exponential growth that will serve you as you power through gaining new clients.

Disrupt Your Model

Are you still stuck in the same business model and trying to do what everyone else is and it's not working? We're going to figure out what isn't working for you and what is and we're going to make that even better. 

We'll create a model where you can have consistent revenue despite what season it is, find more of your ideal clients, evaluate your offerings, financials and answer the question "Am I doing this right?"

Break out of the Noise 

Are you doing what everyone else is doing and wondering why your business isn’t growing? 

 I’m going to show you how to stand out from other food companies .

Through my unique signature processes, not only are you going to stand out but you’re going to be an ICONIC force to be reckoned with and have a consistent revenue stream because you will become the go-to person for the products & services you offer.  

Fill in the Holes

You have an established business but you know you could be getting more clients and you could be growing at a much more consistent, rapid pace. 

Chef Deb has a unique process to figure out the holes in each area of your business regardless of what type of business you own.  

 You’re going to learn exactly where those holes are and how to fix them and more importantly it will be revealed on the exact things you do really well and should continue to do which then creates a very whole, well-rounded business for future growth and success.  




This workshop is not for those who are just starting their culinary business. 

There are a lot of basic, yet important business foundations that need to be in place first and this is not the conference where will be be doing that. You will find serious business owners who are making 6-figure incomes and want to take things to the next level. 

Since this is an ADVANCED workhop, we SHOULD NOT work together if...

  •  You just graduated from culinary school or other culinary program 
  •  You are still in the startup phase of your business and income models (and your gross revenue is less than $50,000 a year) 
  • You are still trying to figure out who your ideal client and are struggling to find your first few clients
  • You are looking for a conference to improve your cooking techniques 
  • You are planning on sitting in a chair and listening to a bunch of speakers. You will work, plan, think, and fully execute a path for growing your business
  • You are not extremely dedicated to moving your business forward and becoming the true CEO of your company
  • You aren't in the position financially or personally to invest in your business right now

However, we SHOULD work together if....

  •  You are tired of spending money and time on conferences, classes and webinars that yield no results
  • You have an established business but know that it could be so much better but you have no idea how to get there
  • You know you need a better foundation to springboard you forward but have not clue what that is supposed to be
  • You want to leave with a fully plan that you execute on Monday morning that is easy to implement instead of a to do list that you have no idea how to get done
  • You are tired of trying to run your business on your own, feeling alone and want to meet other culinary business owners that are at your same level in business or more advanced


Please note that there is a brief application process to complete after registration. You are not completely accepted into the event until you receive a notication from us that you have been accepted. I want to make sure this event is the right fit for both of us and that you won't be wasting your time and money. If I don't feel that this event is a good fit, you will receive a full refund paid within two weeks. 

*Lunch will be provided both days! We will have two full days from 9 - 5 pm, so book your flights accordingly!

If you want to bring a friend or two, ask us about our GROUP RATES by emailing us at [email protected]  


Chef Deb is an award-winning, 6-figure serial entrepreneur, #1 Amazon bestelling author of "So You're a Chef Now What?" and culinary business coach who works with chefpreneuers across the country and Canada to elevate their brands, streamline their processes, grow their team, attract more clients and take them from behind their stove to CEO so they start making the money they deserve.

She has worked with personal chefs, private chefs, caterers, cooking class instructors, food artisans and cafe owners to name a few. 

Chef Deb is a mother of two, wife to an I.T. specialist and a complete foodie who loves to travel and eat her way through new cities when she's not helping heal people through food via her personal chef company Savor Culinary Services.

Worth every single penny!

"I can honestly say the streamlining, the efficiency, all of the little things that a professional person knows that you don't....she's been brilliant helping me with that. She's given me a lot of focus and given me some really amazing ideas, worth every single penny. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, Deb is definitely the person you want to get with."

Chef Nicole Bunting, It's JUST Food! 

I've doubled my income in just 6 months.

“I’ve never had this kind of success before in my life. I wake up some days and expect a shoe to drop. But the days just keep getting better and I am astonished every day how my business is growing. I've doubled my income in just six months. That has a lot to do with you. Thank you for believing in me and keeping me on track. And thank you for helping me see the way.”

Chef Michael Wards, The Austin Artisan