Every January, Sharpen Your Business.

Every January, I host Sharpen™ a hands-on culinary business workshop in Fort Worth, TX

It’s a great opportunity to kick off the new year with a small, yet driven group of business owners from across the country!

Together, you get the unique opportunity to sharpen various aspects of your culinary business – including your foundations, branding, marketing, processes, operations and much more. (All part of my 7-Step Signature Process).

Two Days of Hands-On Work

For two full days, you’ll get the chance to step away from your business (and breathe a little!) and focus on “filling the holes” as I like to call it.

You’ll get the chance to make big breakthroughs, have “aha” moments, finally get some of your tough questions answered, discover cool tools and new ways of doing business to make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Start the Year Off With Confidence & Direction
  • Work ON Your Business (Not Just IN it!)
  • Helpful Worksheets & Exercises
  • Connect with Other Culinary Business Owners
  • Feast on Delicious Food
  • Work In Person with Me!
  • Learn from Industry Experts
  • Get the Support You Crave

You walk away with more than just slides from a presentation.

“Be prepared to step away, learn and then re-approach your culinary business in a complete different way armed with the tools to succeed. Deb and her team put together a fantastic workshop that forces you to work on your business foundations.

Do you have a strong brand? Do you have a website that converts? Is your heart in the right place? You walk away with more than just some slides from a presentation.

You walk away ready to grow, fill in the holes, and make changes based on your success list rather than your to-do list. You learn the most current marketing and food trends at the moment, get your questions answered by Deb (a mentor “who’s already been there and done that”) and make new friends with other chefs along the way! Not to mention you get a pretty sweet “bleisure” trip out of the deal!”

-Chef Bianca Russano, About the Table

A Hands-On Workshop Designed Just For You

Each year I design this workshop exclusively for you – I get feedback on what kind of topics you want to learn more about, what areas you are struggling with and overall what you think would make it an overall great experience!

When I say it’s built for you, I mean it! No B.S., remember?

That way you are GUARANTEED to get something valuable out of the workshop, because you help create it!

It’s not easy stepping away from your business for 2 days (believe me, I get it!), but you’ve got to make time for the important things. You can’t let your business run you forever. Sharpen™ is a chance to take back that control and really plan the year out.

So I challenge you to set aside the time and roll up your sleeves and find comfort knowing you have people to help you plan and reach your goals!

Every year I look forward to Chef Deb's Sharpen Conference.

“One of the toughest challenges I have running my company is stepping away from the business to evaluate its performance, tune the engine, and plot my next move. Every year I look forward to Chef Deb’s Sharpen conference. I know it will offer me the chance to step back and do the kind of work the CEO does. I always walk away armed with my goals for the year and a game plan to get there. All I have to do is work the plan. I don’t plan on missing this or any future Sharpen event

- Chef Michael Wards, The Austin Artisan

A Little Business & Pleasure

While you are guaranteed to get a TON of value and content during your time at Sharpen, we also know how to have a good time! There will be LOTS of fun and food sprinkled throughout this culinary business workshop to keep your mind and body fueled! (you’ll need it, just ask past attendees).

Fort Worth

About Fort Worth, TX

Each year, Sharpen is held in the land of longhorns and barbecue – a.k.a. Fort Worth, TX.
I’ve called this place home for many years and it’s got one of the best food scenes around.

It’s where I built many of my culinary businesses and where many of my coaching clients fly in to work with me. Clearly it is dear to my heart.

One of the benefits of coming to Sharpen™ is experiencing all that my little corner of the world has to offer while you’re here! (bleasure trip anyone?!)

Here are some fun things you’ll find in Fort Worth:

  • The Stockyards – they don’t call us “cowtown” for nothin’!
  • Stress is reduced
  • Fort Worth Zoo – ranked #4 in the nation!
  • Sundance Square – great place to shop, my friend’s olive oil shop “The Virgin Olive Oiler” is there!
  • Fort Worth Botanic Gardens
  • Kimbell Art Museum
  • West 7th Street – amazing food scene

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