This Marketing Mistake Could Cost You Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach

I have made marketing mistake after marketing mistake. I’m sure you have too! We spend all this money only to be scratching our heads wondering if it’s really working or not. Before I get into the content of this blog post, I just want to say that it’s been way too long since I last sat down to write a blog post!

Don’t worry, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet though. I have just been busy running my meal delivery company and hosting my first ever culinary business conference (called Sharpen) for chefs I coach and also chefs outside of my coaching programs. Did you hear about it? If not, there’s always next year! I will plan on hosting another one January 2019 – so stay tuned for dates! If you’re a food entrepreneur, you’ll want to be at the next event.

Another reason I have been MIA on here, is because I’ve been in the process of rebranding my meal delivery company! It’s been three years and I decided it’s about time for a makeover to help my company stand out.

Anyway, that’s not what I’m here to write about. Instead, I wanted to take a minute and explain a costly marketing mistake that I see many chefs making and that I made myself for the longest time. The funny (or not so funny) thing is, it’s a REALLY simple thing, but often gets overlooked!

What am I talking about? Come on Deb, spill the beans…I’m dying to know!!!

Okay, I’m talking about your contact form. That might not have been the answer you were expecting (there are many costly marketing mistakes) to be made, but hear me out.

There is a question on your contact form that you are probably forgetting to include – one that might not seem important for closing a sale, but one that will lead you to more sales! That is the simple question of “Where did you hear about us?”

Sounds silly right? Well it’s actually something you should take quite seriously. You work hard to get new leads and spend some money to do so, whether it’s on Facebook Ads, magazine ads, free food at charity events, etc. so don’t you want to know if your hard work is paying off? Better yet, if you are breaking even on the money you are spending?

The only way to really know that is to ask that simple question when someone initially contacts your business. Now of course, you could just ask them when you talk to them on the phone, but wouldn’t you rather have a digital copy in your system with that information? Especially, if you call them or return their email and you never hear back. You will never know at that point!

The reason why I said this simple marketing mistake could cost you a lot of money is because it can! Think about it. Let’s say you’ve started advertising in a certain magazine and one day you get tired of spending the money because you don’t know if it’s working or not. You decide to pull the plug on that marketing effort. That could be a costly mistake, because if you knew that 60% or more of your new clients came from this one magazine ad, you would know that you need to keep spending money in that magazine for the best ROI.

Make sense? So in summary, this simple question on your contact form can help you determine where to focus your marketing efforts and what is worth spending time and money on. You can read thousands of articles on how you should market your small business, but what matters most is KNOWING what is working for your business.

So do yourself a favor and add this as a required field on your contact form! This question will help you avoid wasting your time on marketing dollars that are not paying off over time.


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