Chef Deb

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Culinary Business

Over the years, I have spent little time and effort on my business Instagram because I assumed that most of my target market was just on Facebook. However, in the past year my marketing person has put a lot of effort into our Instagram page because it turns out that a good portion of our target market is actually  there too. Since we’ve also focused our efforts there, we have actually seen some growth with my culinary business!

Just last week we got a new personal chef client and the lead came from Instagram – pretty incredible right? I wanted to share with you how we’re getting leads and growing my culinary business with Instagram.  I think you’ll be surprised just how powerful social media can be!

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Culinary Business Chef Deb

Make sure your it’s set up as a Instagram Business Page – If you have the latest update on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that they have some really great features for business owners now! To make sure your Instagram account is set as a business one, go to “Edit Profile.” If you are already listed as a business account, it will say “Local Business.” If you’re not it will say “Switch to a Business Account.” That easy!

Don’t forget about the Important “Contact” Button! – The contact button is perhaps the best new feature on Instagram business accounts, because when people click on it they can either call you, email you or get directions to your business. Don’t forget to add in your phone number, email and address to make it easier than ever to have people contact you.

Use Your URL Link to Your Advantage – How many of you use the URL link you are provided that can take people directly to your website? Instead of keeping the same link to your home page week after week, switch it up and add links to your newest blog posts, promotions etc. Lots of businesses will post and direct people to visit the link in their bio. Thanks to this URL feature, we are able to get more traffic to our blogs and website pages! You’d be surprised to find out how many people actually will click!

Check the Analytics Often – If you are not viewing the new analytics feature, you are making a big mistake! Instead of using a third party analytics tool, you can view valuable data right on your account now! The reason why this is important is because you want to know how your posts are performing and if people are actually seeing them!

To view your analytics, just click on the “bars” icon right next to the person icon. You’ll be able to see how many times people people your posts, how many people new people it reached and how many profile views you’ve gotten. It also shows the most popular time of day that people are on Instagram to help you know when to schedule your posts. Knowledge is certainly power.

Engage with Others – When I first started using Instagram, all I ever did was make posts and then move on. I wasn’t writing comments or liking many other posts and it did nothing to help spread awareness of my brand. Follow similar brands that your ideal customer would and find out who is liking their pictures and like one of theirs. Start commenting on Instagram posts that you know your target market is looking at. The more engaged you are, the more people will start to notice you and visit your profile.

Be Mindful of Photos You Post – Since Instagram is heavily image driven, it’s critical to have amazing photos to post. Before you post anything, think to yourself “Would I want to hit the “like” button on this? If not, you need to scrap it. Post only high-quality photos with great lighting. Most importantly, make sure your Instagram represents your brand! A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

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