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I Use This Tool to Make Social Media Planning Easier

Chef Deb Culinary Business Coach I Use This Tool to Make Social Media Planning Easier

It seems like social media sometimes consumes a lot of our time. If you’re a business owner, it should definitely be a priority in your schedule, but I found a way to make social media posting even more pain free and not totally consume your day. One word – Hootsuite. Now, I want to mention that I have in no way been paid to say any of this or promote Hootsuite. All opinions are my own and I simply mention it because it has been a free tool that has really helped me in my business.

First of all, if you’re not posting every day on social media, you need to. That’s just how you have to play the game. You need to show up every day in people’s newsfeeds so that you stay top of mind, otherwise you are lost in the noise of the internet. If you are on multiple social media platforms (which I hope you are!) then you have to format images and adjust your posts for each network. For instance, Facebook you can get away with more words, but Instagram is highly image driven. If you are simply copy and pasting your Facebook post and putting that on Instagram you are doing it wrong. You really should be mindful of the platform you’re using and how people use it. You will see better results if you are aware of this.

If you’re a real social media superstar, hopefully you plan out your social media posts for the week and maybe have a general theme or maybe a certain day of the week you post something. On Sundays, I always make posts called #SwapSundays, where I share a healthy substitute.

If you’re not sure how to really plan your social media, Hootsuite is going to change your life! What you do is set up your various social media accounts – your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you name it! Once you connect these to Hootsuite, you are able to write and attach images and schedule them for certain days and times of the day. Pretty cool right? I mostly use Hootsuite to plan my instagram posts, because it’s just a lot easier to work with photos and write things on my computer versus my phone.

Facebook actually already has this feature built in to the business pages. You can write a normal post like you would and then click on the “calendar” icon and schedule it for a specific date and time. I use this tool to my advantage because when I have free time, I’ll sit down and schedule all of my posts for the week! Then I don’t have to worry about it when I’m busy running the kitchen on a day-to-day basis.

I hope that this tool will save you lots of time and make posting and planning on social media a lot easier for you!

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