Stop banging your head against the wall trying to figure out the next steps for your business.
The V.I.P One Day is perfect for you if you’re feeling stuck, having an identity crisis, not sure you want to even cook anymore, or are just generally unsure about where to go from here.

Strategize with Chef Deb & Get Direction

Work with Chef Deb for an entire day, strategizing with her and getting her expert guidance to straighten out your vision and goals.

Understand the Holes in Your Business

Clarify Your Vision for Your Business

Know Your Quarterly Goals to Achieve Your Yearly Goals & Fill Those Holes

Have a clear plan outlined to know what your next steps and priorities are

Feel relieved!!!

No more spinning in circles

This intensive coaching session can be held virtually or in person. However, Chef Deb prefers working in person so you can grab a cup of coffee together, but understands if buying airfare to come out or to have her come out is just not in the budget.

Follow Up from Chef Deb

After your VIP One Day, you will receive a follow-up call from Chef Deb to keep you accountable for checking off these action items!

"I am so looking forward to will change my life!"

Chef Diana Kramer

"I am so daggone excited! I just had a wonderful call with a prospective client. I felt more confident than ever, and it is looking like I will cook for her and her family. Truly, I owe it all to Chef Deb."

Chef Kimberly Smith

"Teamwork…Makes the DREAMWORK."

Chef Jeramy Kunkel

Ready for a transformational day with Chef Deb?

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CHEF MICHAELMichael Wards - The Austin Artisan | Austin, TX | Master & Elite Chef Program

“I’ve never had this kind of success before in my life. I wake up some days and expect a shoe to drop. But the days just keep getting better and I am astonished every day how my business is growing. I've doubled my income in just six months. That has a lot to do with you. Thank you for believing in me and keeping me in track. And thank you for helping me see the way.”

CHEF ELENAChef Elane - Well Rooted Kitchen | New York City, NY | Master Chef Program

"My only regret is not starting her program sooner. If I would have known what I know six months ago, I would've been even further. It's been a huge help anytime I have some sort of question or hiccup, she's always there with numerous tips and support."

CHEF KIMChef Kim - Relish Kitchen | Pittsburgh, PA | Master Chef Program

"I've been in Chef Deb's program for 6 months and she's helped me streamline my processes and gain efficiencies that I didn't even know I needed. I've grown from one client to nine."

CHEF SANDRAChef Sandra - Fresh from the Gardens | Dallas, TX | eChef Club Membership

"I've been in Deb's program now for a year. I decided to renew my coaching contract after the first 6 months, because of the huge transformation and difference I've seen in my business. I could not have done that without Deb's direction, her guidance, always being available and providing me with what I need right at the right time Thanks Deb, I'm in it for the long haul."

CHEF LYNDSEYChef Lyndsey - Local Dish | Shawnee, OK | Master and Elite Chef Program

"I joined the Master Chef program because I was starting out in my personal chef career and I needed some guidance and assistance from a professional that's been in the personal chef field for a very long time. I have been given bullet points and things I need to get done from Chef Deb. She has really streamlined my focus into getting productive and getting things done. Jump right in, it's totally worth it and it's a great investment in your time and business!"

CHEF MADELINEChef Madeline - Meals by Madeline | Seattle, WA | Master Chef Program

"I can't tell you how much I love Chef Deb's program. I've learned a lot about myself, taking my company to another level, branding... really, the opportunities are endless!"

CHEF NICOLEChef Nicole - It's Just Food | Grand Rapids, MI | Master Chef Program

"I can honestly say the streamlining, the efficiency, all of the little things that a professional person knows that you don't when you're starting your business... she's been brilliant helping me with that. She's given me a lot of focus and given me some really amazing ideas, worth every single penny. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, Deb is definitely the person you want to get with."