Chef Deb

Why You Need a Board of Directors

Do you have your own board of directors? A board of directors is imperative to helping you reach your goals in your business. This is not anyone that you pay or someone on your staff. Surprised? Let me explain. This is a group of people that hold you accountable for your goals and dreams and help you make decisions in your business. Here is how you create a board of directors:

  • Make sure they are people that will shoot straight with you. This does not need to be your mom who will tell you every idea you have as the best idea ever.
  • You need a minimum of 3 people to include yourself.
  • They need to agree to meet with you on a regular basis or as needed either in person or over the phone.
  • They need to be different ages, have different jobs and possibly not all female and not all male.
  • If they are successful business owners, then that is a plus.

My board of directors includes my husband (he knows how to talk very straight forward where I can hear him and not sugar coat. He is in the IT field.) My business coach Joy (because I have paid her a lot of money to be on my board) my good friend Mike (talented chef and long time friend) and a group of highly successful women business owners that I meet with once a quarter. I have a friend that uses her sister, her aunt, preacher and another business owner friend. I think you get the idea. Make a list of who can invite to be on your board of directors. You’ll be surprised just how much your business can grow when you surround yourself by others who can positively influence you.

I once heard a quote that goes like this: “The only way to get better, is to surround yourself with better people.”